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I made this and if you can’t tell it’s a lamp inspired by Dark Souls. It is made of veneer sheets with carvings on the inside. The figures you can see  are Ornstein, Sif, the symbol that Solaire have and a bonfire.

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I made it from scratch, in walnut (Type of wood). Inspired by Hearthstone! An awesome game you should try!

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My new pet. I’m gonna call him Puck. ^^

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HS <3

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I saw that many of you liked the shirt that I made so I’m going to show you how you can make your own!
This is a technique I’m not to familiar with myself, and there is probably lots of easier ways out there. I have shown another technique that you can check out on my facebook page. 

So start with taking a pic you like from wherever you want, google, tumblr, facebook etc. Print it out and put a thin paper on top of it and mark special details. Cut out the silhoette, save both pieces. Tape the two pieces together with the tape on the backside (next to each other, not ontop of eachother). Then put a paper inside the shirt so that the paint doesn’t stain the back of the shirt. Tape the pieces to the front of the shirt and use a fabric pen to mark the contoure of the figures/pieces. Then proceed to paint it by hand with help of the thin paper you’ve drawn on. You can cut out small pieces and put them inside the figure to help you remember what parts not to paint. Do not forget to iron everything with an iron before the first wash! When it comes to the letters, I painted them with a pencil first and then filled them in with paint.

Material: Fabric pen, fabric paint, an iron (to make the paint stick onto the fabric)


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Sif <3

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Weaver from Dota 2! 

Link 4 Dec StarCraft CraftStars Episode 24 - StarCraft Around the House»

:D Don’t know what to say other than thank you Gillyweed! 

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