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Haha. I made a crested gecko of clay. My real gecko look so confused!

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Photo 13 Jun 4 notes Marine from Sc2 made in air drying clay!

Marine from Sc2 made in air drying clay!

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Zelda cosplay on the way! I’m going to cosplay Zelda from Twilight princess together with a friend (Link).

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metal-gear-madara-deactivated20 said: Hey, just wanted to say...your creations are AMAZING! Consider me as a fanboy of yours. Have a nice day. ^^

Thank you! :D And welcome to my blog! If you have ideas or requests let me know! You have a good day too!

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Made this spinecrawler lamp as the grand prize for UNISL here in Sweden and it was earned by a worthy winner!

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I made this and if you can’t tell it’s a lamp inspired by Dark Souls. It is made of veneer sheets with carvings on the inside. The figures you can see ¬†are Ornstein, Sif, the symbol that Solaire have and a bonfire.

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I made it from scratch, in walnut (Type of wood). Inspired by Hearthstone! An awesome game you should try!

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My new pet. I’m gonna call him Puck. ^^

Photo 13 Feb 22 notes HS <3

HS <3

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